18 years..... since the first incarnation of a website by me. We're now in 2013 and so it continues..... A collection of odds and ends (Pictures, websites, videos, nostaligia!)..... basically anything I can think of.

Growing up in the 60's/70's this sort of thing would have seemed unimaginable - Putting ideas etc. out for the world to look at (If they can be bothered). Something we take for granted now.... but oh so very space age back then!

A lot of the links on this page may not work yet, but I am working on them..... Honestly!


Given our habit of holidaying in Florida, but visiting as many different bits of it as possible we have quite a collection of photographs.

Rivington & Blackrod Grammar

My old school, attended from September 1966 till July 1973. I started a website nearly 20 years ago which has existed in different forms, and is work in progress.

Visit the R&BGS Website.
Padgate College

My old college attended from September 1974 till July 1977. Another site I began over 20 years ago and is still under development (I need more stuff for it!).

Visit the Padgate Website.
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